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10 Signs you Might be A Hairstylist

We are so pumped to be contributing on the one and only @American_Salon!!

Check out one of our latest fun articles, "10 Signs you Might be A Hairstylist" by Natalie Boos, one of our team leaders as well as our Director of Marketing & Operations.

I have always had a (not so secret) desire to start my own business. From my lemonade stands to my own start-up agency, I have managed to do what I love and actually create that life I dreamt of. This is not to say that it wasn’t a lot of work (a whole lot of work). It was in building The Business of Balayage that allowed me to work with like-minded individuals to help them create a platform to empower and arm stylists with knowledge, that I found my passion. Through the years of working with some of the best (and a few of the worst) in the game, I have recognized a few traits that most successful stylists have in common:

1. You Live Fearlessly

Most people would rather play it safe, as entrepreneurs, hairstylists are the ones who see potential where there is risk. You are the ultimate optimist of the world because you always have that belief that no matter how risky something looks, your passions and creativity will turn into huge long term profits. While others might see the grass as greener on the other side, you’re the one with your green spray paint, painting the town in the drought. (yes, people have actually done this.)
Aside from that evil little voice that is doubt, that ruminates in all of us from time to time, we all have one almost intangible fear in common- the fear of finding out what would happen if we didn’t take the risk.

2. You Know That In Order To Play Hard Later, You’re Going To Have To Work Harder Now

Most people give up if they don’t do something right the first or even second time, for our breed- we fall down and pick ourselves back up until we get it right. The drive and passion of a creative stylist are what keeps them going long after the others give up. You know that in order to get the long-term payoff you have to put the time into the foundation first.
“Win as if you were used to it, lose as if you enjoyed it for a change”– Ralph Waldo Emerson

For the full article, click here to read it on American Salon

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