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Creators Vs. Curators: Understanding the Feeds you Follow

How well do you know the feeds you follow? Something new that has come out of this digital age is changing the way we find inspiration, make purchasing decisions and how you attract specific types of customers to your business! Today more than ever before, both creators and curators are changing the way that we show our style, skills and vision, do you know which you are?

Creators are those that focus on the imagery of their brand and only post their own work, among our league, these are stylists that share their creations, their favorite work, clients and their style.

Curators are those that use others work to share their style and personality but none of it is created by them, think of a curator at a museum that puts together a show of artwork, but she's not claiming to have painted a Monet. So how the heck does this apply to your business?

Well it's simple, curators can get a large following in a shorter period of time because their capacity to post is only dependent on their time searching and reposting, while this might sound amazing for the purpose of scoring some insta-popularity, it also means that the following your building will not directly translate to potential clientele, or at least a not quality clientele.

The reason we say quality is, those that are ready and willing to fork over what it costs for quality work these days are also the ones that are doing their homework and going to the source. They don't want to contact the page that posted that amazing couch on an Interior Design style IG , they want to find who makes & sells the amazing couches! Same goes for stylists, if you're only posting inspo from other people's work, chances are high that your followers won't turn into clients.

(unless you claim the work as your own, which is a big no-no, obviously)

Creators on the other hand, have a slower following growth generally, but their only targeting the people that mean business! This isn't to stay that creators can't grow quickly, only that they are limited by their time and ability to create new content.

There are plenty of independent education companies out there that are only curators, and while they might have a stunning page- that's not who you're going to learn from in their classroom. This is why we only post the work that we create- because for our target students- we want to be completely transparent and want you to find the same experience in our academy as you would find on our feed!

There is a purpose and place for both types of feeds in business, it's just find which fits your goals best! Do you want a clientele that does their research? Do you want to share your brand style, even if you don't have the photography skills to do it yourself?

So... tell us, which do you believe is best for you and why?

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