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Before we breakdown solutions, it’s important to know why it happens in the first place… There are three main reasons a client would walk away unhappy, it means there was a lack of one (or a few) of these:

  • Communication
  • Expectations
  • Guarantee

First off, the root of every successful session starts with a thorough “jazz-hands” kind of consultation. Just like not everyone learns the same, people communicate visuals differently as well. It’s important to use as many tools (such as shades samples, instagram inspo, and Pinterest) as possible to get a clear idea of what they are looking for, what you can achieve and where they should expect to be when they step out of your chair (this wraps in a bit with the guarantee as well, but we’ll get to that in a minute)

Putting it into action: If a client walks in with some “ideas” of where they’d like to go with their new look, making sure you understand What about the inspiration pic attracted them is key! Do they love the subtle shadow root? So they love the tone? Do they love the shape or cut? Once you think you have a firm idea, your next challenge is to find ANOTHER picture you believe also represents these effects, bonus points if you can choose a picture of past work! In being able to compare the two, you might find more out about your clients goals than you had to begin with and you can move forward more confidently knowing you’re on the same page!

Expectations are huge, most don’t realize the time it takes to keep hair healthy and go through an extreme or even some subtle transitions (queue the Khloe K’s multi-month transition meme) and some need to be aware that the transition could be as painstaking as that one time you had to grow out you micro bangs 10 years ago. It’s important that they know that multiple sessions for large and small transitions might be required in order to keep their hair health in tact. (Cause whether they believe it or not, you might still battling that box dye “accident” from 9 months ago 🙈)

This is where the guarantee comes into play… ALWAYS under promise and over deliver. This helps to keep expectations in check, creates plenty room for overall client excitement and makes sure that your Yelp reviews stay on point. They’re coming to you as an expert, getting clear about what you can and can’t do helps them understand that you’ve got their hair health in mind and that you’re still not a magician… 🎩

The bottom line- if you can nail these three things before you touch their hair, you’ll not only be setting your client up for success but, you’ll be protecting yourself from unhappy clients. So what do you do with a client that’s still unhappy? Remember to keep calm, acknowledge your clients frustrations (even if they seem irrational), move the conversation toward solutions instead of the problem as soon as possible and finally accept the fact that some clients you just can’t please, and those are the ones that shouldn’t make it back into your books. We say this because you don’t need to put time and energy toward that kind of negativity- you’re better than that and your business will be better for it!! 🙌🏼

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