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How to Position Yourself as an Expert

Ultimately, being an expert boils down to being a source of knowledge- when it comes to wooing clients, we’re going to break down a few simple tips to positioning yourself as that expert your client is looking for!


In today’s world, there is a fancy marketing term in trend called “inbound marketing” what this really translates to is that people want to learn & understand what they are buying and it is the brand that takes the time to educate and empower them about their decision that ultimately wins them as clients and positions themselves as an expert while doing so.

What this means for stylists is that if you are looking to focus and grow in a particular specialty, you need to take the time to educate your clients and potential clients on what you’re creating! (p.s. what you do is pretty much rocket science to most clients)

Rather than using terms or talking about products that just go over their heads, take the time to tell them the purpose and benefits! For example, clients love to hear about the difference between balayage and traditional lighteners, letting them know that you’re using the best tools available to you to create their custom look will have them singing your praises in no time. The reason this one is the most important is because the confidence that you instill in your client is going to be the same energy they put out into gushing about your magical work! aka:GOLDEN REFERRALS


What this comes down to is only post your specialty or what you want more of in your chair! Just because you’ve done a couple men’s cuts today doesn’t mean you have to post it unless men’s cuts are your jam! Take the time to filter through your goals for your business and put your energy into inspiring more of what fills your passions and your pockets.


Keeping the magic of how you work behind the curtain is overrated! When you’re consulting your clients, take the time to explain what each process or service they are looking for will create, how it's created and how it will grow out. Not only will you be setting yourself and your client up for successful expectations, your client will also have a better grasp of all that goes into caring for their hair!


If you’re evolving professionally, it's okay to let clients know that your service availability will reflect that. For example, if you’re wanting to get more into being a color specialist and cutting doesn’t really do it for you, set a aside a limited number of cut-only appointments that are available each month and slowly dwindle down until your books are only filled with what has you jumping out of bed in the morning!

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