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How to Sell with Selfies: An Instagram Game Plan

Let your clients do the leg work… Because let’s be honest, 99% of the time their doing post salon selfies anyways- why not use it to promote your salon?

Marketing is great, but when it comes to building your business- client testimonials are pure gold. Add the power of social media to that and the word about your epic work can spread like wildfire!


Have a backdrop, a place that has killer lighting and not too much pattern of color that could take away from the amazingness of your work. If you’re lacking quality wall space, consider a dedicated selfie mirror.


Offer something to encourage them to share! Whether it’s $20 off their next service for every person they refer or a gift bag of take home goodies that won’t break your bank- give them a reason to say that I look epic today, because of my amazing stylist.


Reposting is generally considered…well, cheesy. But sharing a post ABOUT your work, does not qualify as spamming, rather it’s sharing and gratitude for the support of the clients that love you so…


Make sure to credit the salon, the stylist and the client in your posts, it helps to build the network and makes sure their is more room for action when potential clients stumble upon your drool worthy work.

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