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Overcoming Self Doubt

Doubt is a just dirty word...

It's that looming feeling that you'll catch yourself wincing at things you do or want to do, even when there's no one around.

If we had let fear and doubt rule us two years ago when we started on this journey, our story would be very different today. But instead we do a few little things to help keep us on track and to press the mute button on that terrible little voice.

Seeing as stylists are essentially all entrepreneurs, it's only natural that self-doubt is one of our most common challenges that we face because our business is based on our decisions and actions. This mainly sources from the lack of boundaries that come with this industry, which also happens to be the same reason all of you creative souls were probably pulled to this career in the first place.

When in doubt of your own capability, the first step is to throw away the measuring stick. You know, the one you hold up as you compare your work, posts or thoughts to that someone who always feels two steps ahead of you? You and your competition are both in business for the same reason, because you each have something unique to offer your clientele and co-workers, spending your mental energy on their business isn't doing your clients any good.

Step two is all about removing the negativity around you, instead focus on what ignites your creative fire and inspires you.

Next, stop thinking about your work as a job, focus on getting back to the root of your passion and what it was that brought you here today. Often times, after even a few years behind the chair, we can lose sight of the WHY in what made us choose this career. Was it making clients just FEEL good? Was it the creativity of formulating color? Was it the community that comes with our creative culture?

Finally, give yourself the chance to reflect on where that doubt is really coming from- a little clue... it's all just fear. Find out what it is that you're really scared of and ask yourself if its a real fear or one you've brewed up in your head.

No matter what, surround yourself with people that are genuine and build you up and protect yourself from those that tear you down.

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