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Profit Over Popularity

Our latest article on @American_Salon...

There is one question that we get over and over and OVER again, “What are some tips to get more followers?” And internally, every time without fail- I cringe.

Not because it's redundant or a lot more work than a few tips could really cure, but because what the most common question should be is “How do I turn my social media energy into my clientele?”

Insta-fame has stroked the ego of many stylists but the reality is, those repost pages with thousands of followers aren’t making money because unless they are getting commission on products they push, Instagram followers do not equate to income.

Before you give up and start feeling defeated, there IS a way to convert on social media- there absolutely is! All we’re pointing out is that your focus shouldn’t be on your following, it should be on your potential client follow through!

When it comes to cultivating a clientele from your social presence, here are a few rules we live by…


Take it upon yourself to educate your future clientele, tell them what goes into creating these looks, the work you put into caring for their manes to keep them healthy and vibrant. Teach them the terms so they feel confident coming to you asking for what they want based on the work that you’ve created and specialize in! The more your client feels they are coming to you for your expertise and the more confident they feel about what they want, the more likely it is they will convert from curious to client!

:: ENGAGE ::

When it comes to converting your following, engagement is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO. (Notice we don’t say that lightly) Create a conversation in your content, ask questions, play games, be authentic. You’re not just putting things out into the universe, you’re creating connections. Don’t lose sight of those you’re reaching out to, you job isn’t done when you’ve convinced them to press that little blue follow button, you job has only just begun!

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