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Scheduling Software Compared: For Independent Stylists & Salons

We know that the opinions on online scheduling vary as widely as opinions on Personal IGs and All in ones but we wanted you to be able to take the next step in your digital world with knowledge so we did some digging on your behalf…

No software is one-size-fits-all so we broke down some of the most important benefits and drawbacks to the leading software on the market for busy stylists. This is not to say that you need to make the jump to letting your clients book themselves, only that if you are ready- we want to make that transition easier because we get asked on the daily how and where we schedule our clients behind the chair.

This breakdown is in no particular order but each software included is one that we believe brings something special to the table!

We also created a side-by-side comparison so you can focus on the features that matter most to your business, check the bottom of the post for details.


We found Schedulicity special because they have reasonable pricing and a unique "FIll my Book" Feature. Fill my Book allows you to create promotions based on available space, so you always have you books full when you want them. Which means that if your regular clients have you full for the week, you won't waste time disappointing new prospective clients too!


If you have multiple staff and stylists you're managing, there is no better than Vagaro. They are beyond affordable and they have seemingly limitless tools to keep all areas of your business running smoothly. From staff clock in and out features to inventory management and payroll , Vagaro knows how to support salons and stylists.


StyleSeat has their branding game down. What they lack in features, they make up from in creating client trust with a recognized and trusted brand name.


Acuity is awesome for the nerdy stylist. If you're all about integrations and you spend a lot of time devoted to the best in online tools, Acuity will fit right in. Not to mention, their prices are hard to beat!


MindBody is a new gorilla in the salon game. They started with a focus on health and wellness businesses and have made the leap into the salon world! They rank as the most expensive but if things like custom apps for your salon make it worth the price, they are unmatched in their branding capabilities.


Great for commission salons! If you are running a big ship and need things on your to-do list to handle themselves, Booker is awesome. What they lack in branding they make up for in automation. Follow up surveys and employee scheduling can be done on the fly.


This app made the cut because they understand and serve the booth rental salon! With a special add-on, you can share all your booth rental stylists in once place while making sure that they are the ones the directly receive their payouts, without any hassle or confusion you'd have to explain to the IRS.

Square Appointments

If you're already checking out your clients on square and don't feel like getting too "techy", square appointments might be your best bet! They are affordable and easy to work with and you'll have a gigantic support team at your fingertips... but only via email. If you're not already using square, it's not our favorite but if you are, it's seamless and easy to expand your current scheduling processes. 


SetMore also has an amazing amount of integrations and they are targeted directly at the independent stylist. SetMore is a fav if you want to try your hand at digital booking without giving your client immediate ability to start scheduling on their own. Then, once you have the hang of it and feel ready, you can take the plunge and let your clients place appointment requests 24/7. 

Please note that we also reviewed other software like Rosy, Salon Iris, SpaFinder and Shedul and found the above software to be better options for the price and/or features.

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