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Simple Secrets to Build your Following

We’re a visual industry, so it only makes sense that Instagram is where most of our industry spends their time and energy! Are you posting but struggling to build a following? Or feeling like your talking to an empty digital chat room?

Start with these basics to building your following from the ground up, and remember- we all start at zero…

Know your Niche

Don’t try to appeal to everyone, people like to feel that they can relate to you directly. If you’re trying to be a jack of all trades… Chances are high you’ll be a master of none.

Encourage Action

If you’re looking for feedback say so, if you’re looking for likes- tell them why… As simple as it sounds, being direct about what you’re looking for is genuine and people are actually more inclined to act!

Have a theme (or three)

This is something we go in depth with in our business class and is vital to creating valid content for your following!

Actually Socialize

It’s not all about putting your gems out into the world- these are real live relationships that should be cared for and nurtured as such. It IS a social network after all…

Have a Plan

Consistency is key, while you might color on the fly and pride yourself on it, in the online world- in order to build trust, allow your users to count on you for what you’re offering them, be it formulas, direction, tips or visual inspiration. Plan it all out so you don’t lose your customer’s trust.

If you’re ready to build big, don’t miss our upcoming education and business classes- we’ll hand you the keys to this epic kingdom and arm you with the skills to build an epic and unique platform that is built to last! For real.

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