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THAT THING That No One Wants To Talk About

We're going to get real for a second here… We wanted to clue you in on an obstacle we rarely talk about: theft.

Over the course of building our business, we've had people try to steal everything from variations of our name and logo to flat out trying to steal our curriculums and class structures, we’ve even trained people who then turned around and became our competition! {Ouch! 😣}

We've always tried to keep these agitations quiet because it in no way represents our brand nor is it something we want to give energy to but sometimes we need to just get transparent on the real struggles behind building a growing brand. {all the feels} 🙌🏼

First of all, our lawyer has been our biggest asset to our sanity, because let’s face it- THAT kind of stuff just feels, well... dirty. We already feel violated and taken advantage of, having someone with a cool head and solutions has been our biggest asset. He set us up with proper protections like our trademarks, our copyrights, our student and hosting contracts- the whole sha-bang to legally protect us from having the rug pulled from under us 🙌🏼 Possibly our biggest lesson so far has been to not take theft lightly, we’ve all been guilty of rationalizing these along the way but as soon as you accept one person’s theft, you open yourself to hundreds of others doing the same- legally!

Secondly, keep in mind that copy cats might be good at duplicating your work and might even steal some of your sales but the reality is- no matter what- they will always be at least one step behind!! They can duplicate what you’re doing but they can’t duplicate your creativity, so the cure is to focus on growth and keep moving forward.

Lastly, keep your branding consistent. Few know the math behind your brand, what makes up your vision, the visuals that influence your design and the voice that only you can have.

We wanted to share this with you all because we know so many have faced it and wanted you to know… we’re no different, we relate, and we’re right there with you.
And for that little voice ingrained from those kindergarten days, saying that someone copying you is form of flattery… it’s not, it’s just not.🙈

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