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Tips to Getting Reposted

While we only post our team because we want the techniques & styles that you see on our page to be the same as those you'll find in our classroom, we still know that getting reposted is super important in order to build your clientele and for the amazing feeling of the support that comes with getting shared further within our industry, so we decided to share a few simple steps to growing your empire.

If there is a product/brand that you just love and swear by behind the chair, here are a few simple tips to getting reposted and sharing the spotlight with the brands you live for:

1. Skills

Often times a pic of a bottle in hand won't raise enough attention to get reposted (unless your nails are on point). Instead show the product in action, whether it be how you use the product or a video of how you combine it with your magical powers, brands are looking for ways to show their products work!

2. Tags

Mentioning (@) brands in the content of a post generally leads to more engagement from your followers with that brand but it also means that your mention will get buried fast and has the chance of never being seen by those who matter most. The cure? Tag them in the picture as well! Tagged photos can be forever found on a tagged person/company's page and will make it 10x more likely that they see your work.


The biggest thing next to quality posts is engaging with the brands you love. This means, liking & commenting on posts, and engaging with their following. A simple way to make sure you're catching the eye of those running the page is to turn on notifications for their posts, this way as soon as they post something, you know you've got a high chance that they are online to see your love. This is especially important for large brands as IG limits notifications to the last 100!

Be sure to tag our repost page @maneartists where we share our favorites in the industry, educators & our students' work!

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