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Trust Your Instincts

Let's be real for a second... Data is important but don't ignore your gut. We're all for tracking and measuring your business' every move in order to have a true understanding of your market and customer, but ultimately all of your decisions should both look and feel good.

That being said be careful not to mistake fear for an internal flutter that comes with doubt.

The same applies to who and what you surround yourself within your business, if someone or something doesn't feel right- chances are that universe is telling you something. Conversely, if you feel the pull to move into a new direction or to seek out something greater, do it.

This recommendation comes from a belief that creativity has its own energy and that we are just the vessels. If that creative energy doesn't believe you're going to take action on it- it moves on to someone who is ready to pursue that inspiration.

Be open, be humble, take chances, and seek out bigger and better things for you and your business.

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