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Why Education is the Key to Falling in Love with your Career all over again…

So many stylists struggle with losing the flame behind their career and they find themselves “having to work” rather than “getting to create” as they once did when they started in this business. Many entrepreneurs, myself included, have mistakenly taken this struggle to mean that you’ve lost your creative powers- when in reality, all you’re lacking is inspiration!

If you’ve been searching for the way out of that creative slump, here are a few reasons why independent education just might be the answer for you!


In the last few years, we’ve seen a huge turn toward independent education. Unlike manufacturer based education, independent education is usually revolved around learning techniques that can be applied to all of your clients rather than a single look that can be achieved by using a specific product. Gone are the days when you had to devote yourself to a single brand in a way that felt like choosing a house in some twisted Game of Thrones style. Today, more and more- stylists are learning that their real magical powers are derived from their skill set and that their products are only the tools to help them get there! In each of our balayage classes, we get to see the fire re-lit in our students’ eyes as they learn these timeless techniques and begin to imagine the innumerable ways to use them!


What really does it all mean if you don’t have an amazing community to share it with? The beautiful thing about this shift in our industry has been how it's encouraged stylists to band together and support one another. These relationships begin online and in the classroom but ultimately, sharing that vulnerability of learning with someone is a really beautiful thing and to cultivate a tribe of like-minded stylists to constantly inspire and challenge you is beyond priceless.


As stylists, you’re used to being the hostess, directing the show and going to all lengths to keep clients happy from the time they step foot in your space to the moment they step out of your chair. Taking time for independent education means that you are off-duty and you can relax in a creative space rather than being the ultimate multitasker that you are! Not to say you aren’t amazing at that juggling act, its just important to take some time for yourself and invest in your capabilities.

At The Business of Balayage, we believe in the importance of creating an environment for learning and a safe place to try new things, ask questions and put your new skills to work! This is why we keep all of our classes intimate and hand-on because this is the best way we know how to arm our students with the best techniques they could offer their clientele.

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