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we've been leading a traveling education team for the last five years and in that time, we've learned a lot about what they don't teach you in beauty school.

we created this movement because we want to help stylists enjoy their work, support their lifestyle, love their art and make money doing it.

we call this blend of technique + savvy...



Hi friends!

My name is Lindsey McPherson, but my friends call me Mac. My favorite kind of hair is lived-in brunettes and blondes, pretty much a blend that anyone can grow out is my jam.

I’m a textbook type-A, I love organizing and am all about structure, but I promise I'm fun. In my free time I want to be anywhere by the beach. I love to go out with with friends as much as I need to have lazy days binge-watching the Netflix. I'm fiercely loyal and I always want to help and support those around me.

I do not have a college degree and can say that growing up, I felt as if I was a bit of an underdog. I went from working full-time at a coffee shop with Kara, (that’s right, we pre-date hair world), to going to beauty school and quickly began working full-time as an assistant in a salon to then go on to become a full-time stylist. I joined The Business of Balayage in its fruition and have been teaching ever since and now am one of the owners of Kindred Salon and could not be more excited to share this baby (hairmvmt) we’ve been creating, in 2020. 

I have a balance that works for me, I am *running* my career in the direction that makes me happy, while also maintaining a lifestyle of being a normal human with plenty of room for play. I'm thrilled to be in an industry where I get to work for myself, but in an environment where I have people to push and inspire me everyday. 

xo. Lindsey

find me on instagram:   @linsloveshair

kara kensrue

Hey there, heeeey! 

My name is Kara Kensrue! I’m a wife, hairstylist, salon co-owner & pretty much friend to at all! 

I love doing multi-dimensional hair color, blondes with dimension are my jam! A good challenge behind the chair is where I strive. I love to simplify things that seem like daunting tasks. Owning a salon with two of my closest friends is a dream (hence why our salon is named Kindred). We are all about community over competition. We are here to raise you up! We only get to be our best selves, when we put energy into lifting each other up - we practice this both in our salon and in our education. 

Working with assistants behind the chair fuels my passion to teach and grow stylists on a daily basis. When I’m not at work loving my job, I’m either straight chillin with my hubs and family or just sitting at home with our cats. They’re pretty much our children.

I enjoy maintaining a balanced lifestyle that includes working out/working my a** off but also doing absolutely nothing but watching true crime documentaries (along with all the snacks). But back to our regularly scheduled program - all things hair - I educated for the Business of Balayage for 4 years and dang… I loved it. Spending time with like-minded stylist is hard to describe and impossible to beat. I’m so grateful we’re continuing down this path together and bringing some rad new things for 2020.

may the force be with you - xoxo Kara

find me on instagram: @karaloveshair

LINDSaY ryffel

Hi Frens!

My name is Lindsay Henderson Ryffel. I love doing hair, California sun kissed hair is my absolute favorite! Aside from hair, my favorite things are my family, travel (I want to move to Italy one day), and wine!

I am the youngest of 4 kids. I hang out with my family at least once a week, we are very close. I am married to the most considerate man I’ve ever met, and we have two sons, Boden and Rhett, who are constantly bossing us around.

On my days off, you might find me at the pool with my kids, watching some serious tv, reading all the memes with Lindsey Mac, listening to music with some wine, or chatting (low-key screaming) about current events with my husband! I just started to get into fitness, my brother owns a gym that I love to go to because it’s a fun community.

Community is the most important thing to me at the salon and in my business. At Kindred, I rent a station from Lindsey Mac and Kara; they have created the most amazing community of humble creatives you will ever know. I am lucky to be a part of their team. 

Education became my passion when I co-founded The Business of Balayage and began spending my weekends with stylists across the country. I am most inspired by hairstylists that are constantly striving to be the best version of themselves. I can’t wait to continue spending my time with y’all at hairmvmt.

peace & love, lindsay

find me on instagram:  @sunkissedbylins

Natalie boos

hey party peeps!

My name is Natalie and I don't do hair. eek! but I guess I'm as involved as you can get without actually being responsible for any manes... 

I’m a tech + marketing nerd by day, and usually asleep by night (morning person). My background is in marketing and my degree is in tech-start ups, but my friends are in hair. We joined forces back in 2015 to help build out our first education crew - the business of balayage - and have been obsessed with this talented and artistic industry ever since.

I consider myself insanely lucky because I get to work with some of my best friends and my rad wife (kaili). We don't have human babies, but we've got two pups that basically determine the productivity of my day. 

When we're not working, we can probably be found riding our electric bikes through beach trails (not kidding, if we go missing we're probs out there). I love to travel and we take every opportunity we get. I'm a sucker for some personal development stuff and I'm currently reading an epic little book called "101 Essays That Will Change the Way You Think" by Brianna Wiest. (it's worth the read)

I'm really passionate about helping people make their ideas come to life and I love to help people build their businesses. I can't wait to meet some of you in our 2020 tour and never hesitate to reach out with questions on social media, pricing and such - that's my jam.

xo. Natalie

kaili boos


Let’s be honest, you probs don’t know who I am... I work on the business side of this crew and I don’t do hair, but that’s kind of what’s best about team - we each have our strengths and depend on one another to grow.

I'm a southern California native, hailing from a tiny beach town in south orange county. I love to travel and we take every opportunity we can - next on the bucket list is: Cambodia or Greece! I grew up in the land of punk, and followed lots of little artists in my teenage years (I still can't quite let my cassettes go).

Here at hairmvmt - Natalie and I (we’re married 👭 btw) run the behind the scenes, if you email us - you'll probs find me on the other end. (hiii) I've been lucky enough to be in this industry for the last 5ish years and it's been the biggest gift. We've gotten to work with so many rad and talented artists along the that I probably would not have otherwise met. What I love most about this industry is the diversity- not just in what wildly different people there are out there creating, but also in what their dream careers look like and I have so much respect for the artists that are following your dreams - no matter what that looks like.

full transparency: I'm usually overwhelmed in groups and would much prefer to be riding along the coast on my electric bicycle with my pups, but get me one-on-one if you want to go *deep*.

I am so proud to be a part of hairmvmt and can’t wait to see all of you on our tour!!!

live long & prosper 🖖🏽 kaili


there are no questions too big or too small, if you don't find what you're looking for in our FAQ then we'd love to hear from you!