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We believe in supporting salons that understand the value of independent education, it is for this reason that we only travel to salons we've been asked to come share with. If you're interested in bringing a class to your salon space, we'd love to make that happen - no matter where in the world you are.


We're honored that you're interested in hosting a class of ours and we're pumped at the chance to visit your salon space. Because it can be daunting choosing an education opportunity that is best for your team, here are some details to help you know if we're a good fit. 



Before we can get your class tickets live and ready to book, we'll work together to hammer out all the details from the class types that you'd like to bring to the exact dates we'll be coming to visit your salon space. Once we've got it all nailed down, we'll send over a final contract to make sure we're all on the same page.


Launch the Class

Now that we've got the details, we get to the fun part where we build out your class and share it with the world (if thats how you roll). You'll also get our marketing bundle with all the goodies you'll need to share with your people too. And finally - we'll be in touch often leading up to the date with updates & info all about your class!



Now for the fun part - at least two of our educators will come with loads of goodies to try and a couple of rad classes to share. We keep our classes small and intimate with a minimum of a 10:1 student to educator ratio. We do this because we want everyone to be able to get direct feedback and practice throughout the class.

Get started on bringing a class to your salon

What Sets Us Apart

Aside from being the first team of educators to rock the industry's boat with product-neutral, technique-based education back in 2015 - we've got a few things that set us apart today when it comes to advanced education...

We don't believe in hunting for hosts.

When it comes to finding the perfect location to bring our next class to, we really think its better for you to decide where we're needed. We never hunt for hosts, instead we leave it to our community of stylists & salon owners to request our classes when they'd like to bring something to their area. We know we're not a perfect fit for every salon and love working with salons that place value and energy on bringing fresh education to their area. 

We've got some killer structure.

From the moment you start booking to time for class clean up, we pride ourselves on our systems that keep you in-the-know on all that you need to know and stress to a minimum. We have a talented team of both educators and admins that work together to make each of our classes run as smoothly as possible for our students and our beloved hosts. When it comes to class time, we want you to be able to sit back, relax and learn.

We work behind the chair.

Education can be consuming for creators and often we see educators loose touch with their students, simply because they undervalue the importance of their regular experience behind the chair. Each our educators work behind the chair regularly, often managing their own clientele and facing the same questions and trend requests that the majority of our students grapple with. This is not only vital for our authenticity, but for our accountability to the students that we serve.

Not sure what classes you'd want to bring?

With over twenty class combinations to choose from, picking your first classes can be difficult so be sure to check out the About our Classes page for all the details on our favorite color classes to travel with!

What We Provide:

  Receive one free ticket per ten tickets sold to each class + one demo-only ticket for an on-site salon representative
  All color + lightener + necessary products and materials for hands-on use and model application.
  Doll Heads for all hands-on Students (including host(s))
  Salon recognition on The Business of Balayage Website & on our Social Platforms during dedicated class posts
  Custom Class Graphic + marketing material pack (includes Salon Name & Location)
  One-on-One support through out the process from our Director of Events
  Host Salons set themselves apart from the rest by providing an independent education destination for experts in the industry; great for expanding your stylist team + clientele

What Hosts Provide:

  Provide a clean & functional salon for the classes
  Salon must be closed to the public as well as non-ticketed stylists
  Advertise the class through available channels such as: sales reps, staff, employees, online, social media, etc.
  Supply a light, easy lunch for the students (sandwiches, fruit, beverages, etc.) for each class
  Arrange live model(s) for each day class (requires educator approval + number dependent on class type


ready to get started?

If this sounds like your jam, we'd love to come to your space. To get started, complete the Hosting Application below and our team will get back to you shortly with details on the next steps to get you booked.

Thank you for supporting independent education and our team, we so look forward to getting to meet you.

xo. The Business of Balayage team